A poem about silly assumptions about leadership, agility, creativity and resilience

photo by vvvita/iStockphoto

I want to know who painted the sky—
Did they use “design thinking”?
I want to know if the designer asked why—
Did they take one step at a time
Or practice and practice until they arrived
At their destination?

I want to know if the sun is an artist and if trying or being
Is what we are seeing?
I want to know if the sun went to school
And if its brilliance
Requires resilience?
Or rather, constant, shaky rumblings of its soul?

I want to know if the sun and the moon are a team
Or if that’s just the way it seems?
I want to know if they both must be agile
And if their success can be attributed to empathy?
Or is it just entropy
In the neural networks that surround us?

I want to know if the moon has emotional intelligence
Or if its connections to us come from some other resonance?
I want to know if the rainbow has policies
To manage its diversity?
Or it is just at the mercy
Of its limited time on earth.

All natural things that lead and shine,
Automatic as they may be, never imitate.
They are smart, powerful and persistent
Because they go somewhere else for their intelligence.
Neither smiles nor tears—or pities and fears
Give them their wisdom.

Dear Painter of the Sky
Show us the way so we don’t deny
That they’re getting old, these rules.
We’re no fools.
We know you have the secret.
Jiddu K told us that truth is a pathless land.

Harvard-trained Psychiatrist. Tech entrepreneur. Brain Researcher. Executive Coac. Author: Tinker Dabble Doodle Try, King T and the Gamma Troupe .

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