All we have is our intuition—and one another

A poem about the earthquake that hit humanity (and what saved it)

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When the Internet came—
There was a groundswell of enthusiasm
About connection.
But then, there was a rumble—
A roar—
And the earthquake that hit humanity.

In a short time‚
Cracks and crevices became canyons.
All this closeness was too much.
Like a rushed marriage of 4.57 billion people—
A consciousness orgy of untameable passion—
We crumbled.

In the midst of confusion, chaos and collective trauma—
Our hearts suffered from this onslaught of intimacy.
And logic was in no shape to save us.
The fault lines of our dogmas and our DNA
Were drawn in the sand.
Fixed, futile, fuming, ferocious differences arose.

Political pedantry sought refuge
In growls, guns and gangs.
Racial tensions rose like tidal waves
Engulfing people—
Flinging them around—
Until they were shaken to the core.

Truth was hiding.
In the darkness of the mainstream press—
In the sanguine jaws of social media—
In the gory mess of governments—
And across the whole divide—there were no facts anymore.

All we had was “intuition.”
No reliable source of information.
Data lost.
Our mouths masked unkissingly shut,
While our meaning fed desperately
On our lonely hobbling haunting hunches.

But then THE VOICE echoed through the canyons:
“No “right” or “wrong” will save us from ourselves—
In the blur of fighting facts and truths in hiding—it’s just another fault line.
Never before has humanity had to live this way—
Following our sixth sense only—
Every sunny day, a pitch black night.”

When love awakens intuition,
Know that we are returning
To our highest combined intelligence.
Admit deeply that we need to support one another—differences or not.
For intuitions left alone will morph into delusions.

Fight for your right to be sane—
And remember, there is no greater sanity than MAD LOVE for one another.
Like Romeo and Juliet who were born of warring factions,
Divert your attention from dilemmas and diverse origins.
After all—do we not all come from the same place?
And are we not privy to one another’s eyes as never before?

Let’s hold hands my love, and dance across our divides.
Tango through the terror we have created.
Let’s see in our deep dark derisions—
Only our fractured souls that long to be united.
Let’s know that LOVE’s LIGHT is LUMINOUS
And that together—rock to rock—we can make a new kind of fire.

Harvard-trained Psychiatrist. Tech entrepreneur. Brain Researcher. Executive Coac. Author: Tinker Dabble Doodle Try, King T and the Gamma Troupe .

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